10 Online Marketing Experts Share Their Tips

Shelby Jordan

Visual Objects asked our network of advertising and marketing experts to share their insight and advice on the most powerful advertising lessons learned in their experience in the industry.

Broadly, online marketing experts share these tips for navigating the advertising industry:

Advertising is becoming increasingly complicated as technology advances create new channels and marketing and advertising agencies must learn new strategies to keep up with the current trends.

Traditional advertising channels like print, TV, and radio are losing ground to online advertising channels across search engines, social media networks, and video platforms.

The following tips from experts will help you navigate the evolving advertising landscape and prepare for the future.

Treat Your Customers Like People

Jeff Sugarman, President + Creative Director at Ora recommends maintaining focus on being relatable.

"It’s easy to get lost in the latest technical trends, but the most impactful marketing is always based on relatable, human experiences. And pictures of babies and puppies."

Mike Woronuk, Strategy Director at Bartley & Dick highlights the importance of authenticity in building an effective online marketing strategy.

"Authentic connection is more important than technical conversion. Obsessing over conversion rate can actually limit your potential for growth in some cases. Crafting an effective brand story, delivering it online, and integrating it throughout the customer experience is about making authentic connections — it has more long-term value and is ultimately less transactional."

Use Personalized + Targeted Communication Strategies

Aliya Esmail, Vice President of Growth at Vokal suggests that advertisers and marketers leverage personalization to stay ahead of their competition.

"Timely, event-triggered, personalized communication enables businesses to get closer to their consumer than ever before. Using marketing tools with these features, businesses now have the opportunity to own their customers and generate long-term competitive advantages — the question is will they, or will someone else?"

Mel Cains, Digital Director + Co-Founder of Focus Mode knows that it’s easy to get distracted by new, shiny trends in the industry, but maintains that messaging should be your top priority.

"Focus is key. Ultimately, the guiding principles of marketing stand the test of the time — you need to get the right message to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time. Stay laser-focused on your message, who you’re targeting, and how you’re providing value or a solution to their problems. Without focus, you’ll waste a lot of time and energy on marketing that won’t ultimately bring you a return on your investment."

Connect Advertising Strategies with Brand Identity

Joshua Coffman, Founder of 502ads has learned that advertising and SEO aren’t simply about making your site better.

"Online advertising and SEO is also about brand building — building authority in your industry and building trust with your customers. Be the best at what you do and make sure to illustrate that clearly in your web presence any chance you get."

Laura Reagan, CEO of Activate Health shares that the most powerful online campaigns are tied to a larger branding strategy.

"Online marketing is at its most powerful when it’s part of an integrated strategy that considers all aspects of a brand’s presence — brand messaging, content marketing, PR, and more. It’s an incredibly valuable way to steer potential prospects and influences to the right information. Then it’s about closing the looping and converting those leaders into buyers."

Set Clear Metrics + Objectives

Jacob Fourie, Director of Marketing at Blink Digital Consulting recommends that experts in the online marketing and advertising industry stay current with Google trends and updates.

"Google is your foundation, so integrate it into your strategy properly. SEO is very important and having a solid CRM is vital. Combining these elements with content marketing, Google Ads, and a strong lead magnet will yield results."

Jenn Morgan, Founder + Managing Director of Radically Distinct notes that online presence is just one aspect of border company objectives.

"Presence fits into a larger company objective called customer acquisition. Make your budget for improving your digital presence supports your larger acquisition objectives. Otherwise, you’ll always have people questioning if what you’re doing is achieving business results."

Roberto, Founder + CEO of Creativos RD emphasizes the importance of conversion rate in measuring online success.

"I’m still very surprised every time a business owner comes to me and doesn’t know what a website conversion rate is and how it relates to their online success. It’s common for business owners to tell me that Google Ads isn’t working for them when the real issue is that their site’s conversion rate wasn’t high enough to make advertising profitable in the first place. Based on my experience, the best way to dominate your competition online is to convert clicks at a higher rate."

Philip Bacon, Managing Director at Bacon Marketing offers a great final piece of advice: test your strategies to see where you can improve.

"Test, test, and test again. Just because something is working right now doesn’t mean you should throw all your resources at it forever. This applies to every advertising channel — analyze and implement the winning combination and then start again."

Tips for Effective Online Advertising Strategies

As the online advertising industry continues to shift according to new trends and consumer preferences, consider these timeless tips to crafting effective strategies:

  • Treat your customer like people by sharing relatable content that authentically appeals to your target audience.
  • Use personalized, targeted communication strategies to deliver consistent messaging that separates you from your competitors.
  • Connect your advertising strategies with your brand identity to build authority in your market and get the right information in front of the right audience.
  • Set clear objectives for metrics like acquisition and conversion rate, then test and iterate to improve your efforts.

These tips will help you build an online advertising strategy and drive future success. 


Shelby Jordan

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