Cross-Platform App Development: 5 Benefits of Flutter

Amit Dua

Developing a mobile app takes time and effort. Flutter makes the app development process easier by allowing developers to code in one place and create high-quality experiences across different platforms.

Mobile app technologies are constantly changing, and the demand for effective cross-platform mobile app development is increasing.

This concept has revolutionized the app development process and the way developers and businesses work for the successful launch of a project.

Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit, is a new, innovative tool that has made cross-platform app development a lot more efficient. 

Flutter allows developers to build an app with high-quality, native experience without having to compromise on the app's speed or efficiency

This article will help you get a deeper understanding of Flutter’s benefits for cross-platform development.

Why You Should Choose Flutter for Cross-Platform Development

  • Flutter uses the same code across platforms
  • Flutter provides clean and clear documentation
  • Flutter speeds up app development
  • Flutter offers impressive widgets
  • Flutter is compatible with different operating systems

1. Flutter Uses the Same Code Across Platforms

Developers only need to code once when they use Flutter. This single code can then be used for both iOS and Android platforms. 

Flutter has special widgets and a unique design that makes it possible to develop an app for different platforms. 

Google’s Fuchsia, for example, is a new operating system that’s still under construction.  Flutter has already laid the foundation for its development. 

When developers only need to code once, it saves time for development teams and businesses. 

Software development companies do not need to spend days coding to make an app that works on just one platform.

Dart is a programming language used in Flutter, it is a strongly typed object-oriented language. 

Due to this, the JS bridge is not necessary while creating apps with Flutter. The ahead of time (AOT) compilation increased the overall performance and startup time of the app. 

Dart also utilizes Just in time compilation to enhance workflow for development. As mentioned above, the hot reload feature is possible because of this. It refreshes the UI even during the process.

2. Flutter Provides Clean and Clear Documentation

Project documentation is as important as coding for developers. 

Flutter’s documentation is very neat and simple, which makes it a favorite platform for developers.

Flutter Documentation process for developers

They don’t need to put extra effort into learning the language. 

The well-organized documentation holds exclusive information and tools required for cross-platform development. 

3. Flutter Speeds Up App Development 

Design and development go hand in hand on Flutter.

Most of the time, what the designers have in mind, the design draft shared with the developers can be challenging to execute because of framework inability. 

However, developers can check output easily and in real-time with Flutter.

The Hot reload feature allows the developers to preview the design layout before publishing it.

Flutter Hot reload feature

Hot reload's dual-screen view allows the developers to make changes to the interface in real-time.

This method is an easy way for developers and designers to maintain coordination between them. 
Flutter works on the principle of Dart, an object-oriented programming language.

This helps developers because they don’t need to start from scratch or modify the code from zero anytime they need to make a change.

Flutter offers fast, easy, and hassle-free development. 

4. Flutter Offers Impressive Widgets

On Flutter, you can find a comprehensive library full of widgets that give you a native app feeling. Flutter’s widgets are fast and customizable for any requirements your client may have.

Flutter’s widgets are also easy to find. In Flutter’s UI toolkit, the widget catalog is broken down by category for easy usability.

Flutter Widget catalog

If you want to add animation to your app, for example, you can find animation and motion widgets quickly and easily on the developer page.

These widgets can be incorporated to develop a highly portable and responsive mobile app that works on multiple platforms and layouts. 

5. Flutter Is Compatible With Different Operating Systems

Debugging is an important part of the app development process, but costs time and money for developers to debug an app. 

Flutter helps apps operate smoothly and provide a high-quality user experience across platforms. Apps made with Flutter have fewer issues to debug.

Apps made with Flutter also have fewer compatibility problems across operating systems. This means that mobile app developers don’t need to spend hours debugging to make the app work.

Flutter also offers themes that work across Android and iOS systems. Themes help maintain consistency of apps across platforms and devices. It is not just about color or the basic layout. 

Use Flutter to develop apps with fewer issues out of the gate.

Flutter Streamlines Mobile App Development

Flutter is a futuristic cross-platform development tool that can be tailored to suit specific business needs. Businesses can use Flutter to develop high-end mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Many tech-based firms use Flutter, particularly startups and e-commerce firms. Even top companies like Tencent, Alibaba use Flutter.

Use Flutter’s helpful developer tools and impressive widgets to create a custom mobile app that will meet your business’s needs.


Amit Dua

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