February 2024

Top App Developers in Chicago

App developers are responsible for building, testing, and deploying mobile apps. They are skilled in programming languages best for mobile apps across multiple platforms. Read More

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List of the Best App Development Companies in The Windy City

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Chicago App Developers FAQs
Why hire a mobile app developer?

Hiring the right mobile app agency is the most important step in the app development process. Choosing the wrong app developer takes time, costs money, and makes it difficult for your business to meet its objectives for the app.

Some benefits of hiring a mobile app developer include:

  1. Access to more development talent
  2. Outsourcing app development lowers development costs
  3. Tailored expertise by platform and programming language
What are the benefits of hiring a full-time mobile app developer?

When hiring an in-house mobile app developer, you'll likely have a pool of talent to choose from. Mobile app development has grown significantly over the last several years, and the explosion of smartphone usage means the trend will likely continue for some time.

With an in-house developer, you’ll have access to development talent whenever you need it. Budgeting for new app development can be somewhat mitigated because you have the resources in-house. How your organization handles development costs when using employees can result in relatively low costs and the opportunity to create as many apps as your staff can handle.

One major downside of hiring in-house mobile app development talent is the eventual limitation of your employee's knowledge and expertise. In-house talent must remain abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies to create the best apps for ever-advancing smartphone platforms. You must factor in the costs of keeping your development team trained and certified.

Who are the best app developers in Chicago?

The best app developers in Chicago are:

  1. Red Foundry
  2. Rightpoint
  3. Koombea
  4. Farshore
  5. SYNERGY Consulting