July 2020

Top SEO Services in Switzerland

An effective SEO strategy can improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility. It also contributes to customer conversion and engagement. SEO best practices are continuously changing and it’s important to find a partner who is proactive and monitors major algorithm changes. Luckily, Switzerland has a plethora of SEO companies to choose from.

Discover and connect with SEO firms in Switzerland to learn more about their case studies, success stories, and client reviews. Take a look at their customer feedback, notable projects, and previous clients of these companies to determine which company is the best fit for you.

List of the Best SEO Companies in Switzerland

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    YEP Digital Marketing

    2 - 9
    Amriswil, Switzerland

    Recognizable brands worldwide have employed YEP Digital Marketing to bring their pay-per-click marketing needs to the next level. Based in Switzerland, YEP Digital Marketing was founded with a focus on helping brands evolve into their best, most user-friendly selves.

    When their client needed a more impactful and effective strategy for reaching goals nationwide, YEP Digital Marketing provided them with focused service that continues to this day. Their strategy involved refining their client’s distinct voice as well as their visual profile to become more effective in a crowded digital space.

    • 40% Pay Per Click
    • 20% Search Engine Optimization
    • 10% Content Marketing
    • 30% Other

    Singles Day Schweiz

    Der Singles Day kam in der Schweiz das erste Mal so richtig im 2018 auf. Über 100 Schweizer Shops haben an diesem Tag mitgemacht. Bei Fust gab es z.B. rund 10% auf das ganze Sortiment. Auf <a...

    Black Friday 2019

    Der Black Friday findest dieses Jahr am 19.11.2019 statt. In der Schweiz konnte der Black Friday seit 2015 deutlich an Bedeutung zulegen. Die meisten Schweizer Onlineshops und auch stationären Geschäfte nehmen bereits...