Chatbot Business Use Cases: Facebook Messenger Bot

Anna Kuznetsova

Chatbots allow businesses to automate FAQs and engage online customers in real-time. Companies that understand chatbot business value can earn benefits by leveraging the Facebook Messenger bot. 

Businesses that understand Facebook Messenger and how to use it as part of their social media strategy are likely to earn more user engagement. 

One element of Facebook Messenger that many businesses may not recognize is its chatbot function: Facebook Messenger allows businesses to integrate the Messenger chatbot onto their company domains for free through its chat plugin

For some businesses, finding a custom software development company to create a chatbot may make the most sense. For other businesses, Facebook Messenger provides a low-maintenance chatbot platform that allows your business to:

  • Prompt site vistors with relevant messages 
  • Segment your audience and schedule automatic messages
  • Accept client payments 
  • Funnel customer service inquiries
  • Create an effective chatbot funnel 

Use this article to understand how to best leverage chatbots to benefit your business and recognize successful chatbot optimization. 

How to Take Advantage of Chatbots for Your Business 

To earn key engagement and customer service benefits of a chatbot, businesses need to maintenance their chatbot with intent and coherent strategy. 

A few key areas of focus for using a chatbot for your businesses include: 

Be prepared: Simulate an ideal conversation scenario with customers. Test that internally or with a small group of customers so you can recognize opportunities for improvement and adjust before you roll out for all of your audiences.  

Put your customers first: Your chatbot must meet your clients’ needs by giving swift and informative answers to their questions. Program your chatbot to answer common customer FAQs. 

Have live agents ready: Give users an opportunity to talk to a live operator if your chatbot can't address their concern. Make sure this option is clearly visible and available. 

Be transparent about how data is used: If your chatbot collects data (e.g., for order placement), tell users how their data are stored and processed. Also, a user must have the right to refuse to share their personal data. If a user agreed to data collection and processing, use these data to segment your audience. This way, each group of users will get the content they’re interested in. This is a surefire way to boost a conversion rate.  

Space out responses: Avoid bombarding users with messages. Leave a 2 or 3-second window between replies. 

Respond concisely and personally: Your replies should be as concise as possible. Use smiles and other emojis to personalize and liven up a conversation.

Examples of Companies Who Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots 

A number of companies large and small have leveraged the Facebook Messenger chatbot to improve their social media exposure and engage users online. 

Understanding how other firms have successfully benefited from the Messenger Chatbot demonstrates how your business also can use a chatbot to its advantage. 

In 2017, Lego rolled out a Facebook Messenger chatbot, Ralph, that helps potential customers choose the right product based on various parameters (age, price, theme, etc.). 

Ralph Lego Chatbot

Source: Facebook

Ralph is a good example of the value of a hybrid automated-live operator structure: It can switch the user to a live operator at any time.   

MasterCard also integrated the Messenger chatbot for their bot, KAI, to provide information to customers about its full suite of services.  

Mastercard Chatbot

Source: Chatbot Guide
You can sign up, receive information, and get answers to frequently answered questions - all without the help of a live operator. 

Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots To Their Benefit

Businesses can integrate the Facebook Messenger chatbot onto their website to earn the benefits of chatbot automation without the challenge of developing their own. 

It's important to be prepared and adopt a customer-first mindset when formulating FAQs that a chatbot can respond to. In addition, your business always should have a live agent ready to step in for complex customer service inquiries. 


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