6 Ways to Connect With Customers Using Great Copywriting

Samantha Robert

Writing more effective copy that resonates with your audience is a key factor in converting them to buyers. An engaged audience becomes repeat customers and champions of your business.

Sales are now rarely a simple buy and sell transaction. With a world of competition at their fingertips, consumers are now investing more into brands they trust, and the key to those sales is connection.

As a Toronto web design agency, we specialize in helping our clients convert traffic into sales by creating engaging copy on websites, emails, blog posts, and social media.

6 Ways to Connect With Customers Using Great Copywriting

  1. Make it about them, not you
  2. Understand your audience and what they want
  3. Build a comprehensive targeted audience profile
  4. Use the language they use
  5. Avoid jargon and complicated phrasing
  6. Develop a brand voice
  7. Tell a story

1. Make It About Them, Not You

How many times have you scrolled through a website talking about all the great things they do, leaving you thinking, “well that’s great, but what’s in it for me?” 

Consumers like to know that you have their best interests at heart. Eventually, they want to know more about your business and what you sell but at first glance, consumers are assessing if your business is a good fit for them. Be sure you are clear in each piece of marketing about the benefits to your customer.

By keeping your copy audience-first, like in this email from Teak & Twine, you peak their interest by letting them know you provide something they are missing.

By keeping your copy audience-first, like in this email from Teak & Twine, you pique their interest by letting them know you provide something they are missing. 

You are painting a picture of how their life can improve by using your business. 

Try to keep in mind when crafting your latest newsletter or offer, is the benefit to my audience clear? 

2. Understand Your Audience and What They Want

Doing research into, and truly knowing, your audience is the first step to connecting with them in your writing. Take the time to understand how your business fits into their needs, and where they may be in their purchasing decision. 

What are they struggling to do, or missing? How do you help? What brought them to you? Be direct in how you help customers by addressing their pain points specifically.

3. Build a Comprehensive Targeted Audience Profile

Building a comprehensive targeted audience profile goes beyond general demographics such as age and gender. 

Businesses should focus on the quality of their audience over quantity alone, so the more closely your copy matches your target audience's needs or interests, the more likely they are to convert and purchase, subscribe, or whatever your call to action may be. 

The more in-depth of a profile you build of your audience, the easier you can hone your message to specifically target YOUR customers instead of just speaking to the abyss of the internet and hoping it resonates with someone.  People are spending more time looking at, researching, and following brands now thanks to social media, and they are looking for a connection not just a product or service.

4. Use the Language They Use

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and your customers would agree. We talked about addressing your customer’s pain points, which is best done through actual words of your customers. 

It may seem beneficial to use big, fancy words to demonstrate your business’ expertise, but if that doesn’t align with the audience reading it, you will isolate them.

Potential purchasers want to feel like you understand them and their needs. 

Achieve this by using terms and specific wording that are taken from your customers in reviews, discovery calls, social media comments, networking events, etc.

Here, Passion Planner talks about some of the ways you can use their planner in real life scenarios that go beyond simply “keeping track of your appointments.”

Here, Passion Planner talks about some of the ways you can use their planner in real-life scenarios that go beyond simply “keeping track of your appointments.” 

They use concise language and imagery that has evidently been crafted based on the actual applications of their planner users.

5. Avoid Jargon and Complicated Phrasing

As mentioned, using language that your customer is familiar with is important. It’s also important to note that in this respect you should completely avoid using jargon and overly complicated phrasing. Be as clear and simple in your messaging as possible to avoid confusion or losing your readers altogether.

Your website copy is like a first date. You have a small window to make an impression on your audience and you don’t want to waste it explaining yourself. Your audience should be able to understand exactly what you mean without significant explanation or further research. 

6. Develop a Brand Voice

Standing out online is becoming increasingly difficult with the popularity of social media and targeted digital marketing funnels rising every day. The best way to stand out is to create a brand by using what makes you unique in business, and what your customers enjoy about your company. 

Developing a brand voice isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes time to hone in on what works for you and continue to replicate that across multiple channels. 

Consistency in your brand voice makes you recognizable in an email inbox and helps to develop a relationship with your audience. Is your brand professional, or industry-leading experts? Write in a polished and elegant style. Is it trendy, or unique? Make your copy as fun, and quirky as possible!

7. Tell a Story

Potential purchasers want to hear about how you’ve helped people just like them. They’re buying into your brand, not just your product or service. Engage them into your business by telling them things such as “insider info” or how you were once in their shoes.

Frankly, flat, sales-y content is boring. Keep in mind that nobody wants to be sold to. Instead, people choose to spend their money with brands they believe in. 

Build a Relationship, Not a Sales Pitch

The world of digital marketing has completely revolutionized the way that consumers buy from businesses. It has put a lot of the power back in the hands of the consumers, in how they choose to make purchasing decisions. 

Consumers no longer wish to simply be sold a product, they want to establish a relationship online with their favorite brands. 

Building these relationships with new and existing customers is done by engaging them with copy that has been specifically tailored to address their needs. Knowing your audience, and directly addressing their pain points and how you help them is what creates a connection. 

Digital marketing agencies study successful brands and emulate the winning concepts to our clients to engage their customers online.


Samantha Robert

Copywriter, Awesome Web Designs
Samantha Robert is the copywriter for Awesome Web Designs, a web design & digital marketing agency based out of Toronto. She enjoys working with all types of businesses to help write website copy and create content that makes them stand out online. 
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