7 Corporate SEO Best Practices to Improve Visibility

Sydney Wess

Thousands of websites compete with each other in being most visible to users. How can brands get high rankings in searches? By following the best SEO practice. 

Corporate SEO is not just about using keywords. It also involves understanding users’ search behavior and how search engines rank content. Users look for relevant and trustworthy content; search engines look at sites with high user engagement and reliable content. 

According to studies, 75% of users do not scan beyond the first page of the search results. It means, if your content is not on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERP), your page is less likely to be found. Nevertheless, there are ways to increase your content visibility by following a strong corporate SEO workflow.

What Is Search Visibility?

Search visibility is a metric used to measure and compare how different websites perform online. It indicates your content’s organic search performance.

What Is SEO Visibility Score?

In technical terms, the search visibility score is the estimated traffic percentage, the keyword position click-through rate or CTR multiplied by search volume, divided by the estimated traffic when assuming all keywords rank as #1 (also known as traffic potential). 

The search visibility score looks like this: estimated traffic percentage (keyword CTR x Search Volume) divided by traffic potential.

Depending on your SEO platform, you can find your site data in its analytics tool, provided they have the right integrations set up.

Why Is SEO Visibility Important?

You can use your SEO visibility scores to track your visibility progress and compare your site’s performance with your competitors.  

Your SEO visibility provides an overview of your organic search performance and shows you the following:

Frequency of Page Views 

Visibility scores show how often a user has seen your website on the search engine results page. Results page viewing does not mean the number of times the SERP is loaded. It is only counted as viewing when the user scrolls through the SERP and sees your website. This is an important metric of external marketing success.

Influence of Algorithm Changes

The tweaks search engines make on their algorithms can affect corporate SEO strategies. Algorithm changes impact your visibility. Be updated on these tweaks so you can adjust your strategy and keyword research. Google and Moz give alerts on algorithm changes. 

Effect of the SEO Campaign

Visibility scores show the success of your social media campaigns. The scores reveal how your landing pages connect to your target audiences and how they increase your site's web traffic.

7 SEO Visibility Best Practices

Here are seven best corporate SEO practices to improve your site’s visibility:

  1. Update content to align with search intent
  2. Optimize meta descriptions and meta tags
  3. Include target keywords in anchor text
  4. Benchmark top-ranking pages
  5. Integrate images and videos
  6. Have strong UX
  7. Ensure mobile friendliness

1. Update Content and Align with Search Intent

Content updates should always be a part of your corporate SEO strategy. Updated content improves the chances of your site landing the first page and staying on it. Search intent is the reason why the user made the search query. Search engines like Google prioritize understanding and satisfying the search intent. 

Regularly update your content so that your content satisfies the user’s search intent. 

2. Optimize Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags

Optimize your meta descriptions by writing compelling meta descriptions and title tags. Meta descriptions help your pages stand out in SERPs and draw extra clicks. Meta description and meta tags add relevancy and boost CTR.

3. Include Target Keywords in the Anchor Text

Link texts are tied with the pages where that link points to. Anchor texts are important because they describe websites more precisely.  Interlinking and using keywords as anchor text helps Google understand relevant keywords and assess how to rank your page.

Using internal links also helps because they determine an information hierarchy for your website. Internal links also help search engines like Google to understand the content of your site better.  

4. Benchmark Top-Ranking Pages

Benchmarking top-ranking pages means using existing high-ranking content as a model to determine why users go to a site. Benchmarking understands what makes those sites rank high and makes the necessary adjustments to your sites. Consider this step part of an ongoing digital marketing audit for improved performance.

5. Integrate Images and Videos

Sites with images and videos often rank high on SERPs. These elements serve as links to your pages. Pictures and videos also increase your visibility since they appear separately from your site in image and video SERPs. Multimedia increases user engagement since videos have a high CTR.

Optimize your images by choosing the best file format and compressing them. JPEGs work well for photographs, and PNGs work better for images that contain texts, such as graphs or comic strips. 

File Use Best Practices for SEO

Source: 99 Designs

Blurry or pixelated photos will not help your site. Also, check the file size of your multimedia. A huge file size affects the speed of your site. 

6. Ensure a Rewarding UX

Search engines do not just rank according to the relevance of the content. They also give high rankings to pages with good user experience and engagement. 

You can improve your user’s experience in your site by: 

  • Adding interactive elements, attractive images, and engaging videos
  • Applying a user-friendly interface
  • Optimizing page speeds 
  • Including a call-to-action
  • Ensuring a healthy site structure

7. Have a Firm Grasp of Mobile Readability

Since almost everyone now uses cell phones, improving mobile readability is vital in your mobile content strategy. Optimizing your content for mobile devices can either raise or lower your rankings. 

To improve your site’s mobile readability, use the aspect ratios appropriate to the screens of cell phones. Check the font style and readability of the text on your site. Always consider the comfort and ease of your user when they visit your site. 

Corporate SEO Is Essential for Visibility

Using these best practices with your corporate SEO team can help your site achieve higher visibility scores. While getting the top spots on the first page of Google search results can be difficult, it is not impossible. Be prepared to apply these best practices and regularly adjust them to the needs of your site. 


Sydney Wess

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