How Digital Marketing Infographics Boost Your Brand

Anna Peck

For companies looking for creative and innovative ways to market their business and boost their brand, digital marketing infographics are a powerful promotional tool. Learn about how digital marketing infographics can become a trusted resource for any content marketing strategy. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. What does this mean in a business context?

Infographics are a data visualization tool that comprises information about a certain topic in an easy-to-understand overview by using images, charts, and other visual components. 

Their main purpose is to make complex information easily digestible.

Businesses can invest in digital marketing infographics as a way to promote their brand and services. 

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, it’s important that businesses build successful marketing campaigns that are innovative in the space. 

This article will break down four ways digital marketing infographics can add to your company’s branding checklist in a changing digital landscape. 

How can digital marketing infographics benefit your business and brand? 

  1. Create a visual story for consumers
  2. Increase your company’s search ranking
  3. Opens opportunities for outreach
  4. Promote business authority

1. Create a Visual Story For Consumers

If words aren’t capturing your audience’s attention, using a digital marketing infographic can do a better job.

In an experiment conducted by the University of Saskatchewan, it was revealed that participants preferred strong visual images in charts over plain visuals. 

Digital marketing infographics are a powerful storytelling tool. In one glance, a digital marketing infographic can present data, share insights, and tell a story.



Through digital marketing infographics, businesses can develop a narrative through research, visuals, and other information. 

Crafting a story through a digital marketing infographic can impact how consumers remember your business and services. 

2. Increase Your Company’s Search Ranking

If your business creates compelling and attractive digital marketing infographics, your content is able to go viral. 

In a content study by Backlinko, it was found that visual content is a great format for acquiring backlinks through social shares and referring domains. 

Digital marketing infographics can be used on any online channel, including social media. 

infographic 2


Because of this, companies can embed infographics within different channels, crafting them to fit their social media aesthetic. 

These infographics can also be used as shareables, meaning that users can download them for their own use. 

If your business is looking to increase search traffic and improve rankings, ramping up on digital marketing infographics is a nice starting point for your SEO workflow

3. Open Opportunities for Outreach

Having a shareable piece of content opens up the opportunity for outreach. 

Think about the times you’ve seen digital marketing infographics on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. businesses are using them to improve audience engagement. 

Your business can use them on social media to target specific audiences that will eventually convert into paying customers. 

infographic 3


Using bold colors and fonts within these social media infographics will attract attention to your business and offerings. 

Businesses can think creatively about how to use digital marketing infographics to promote their message. Think about which interactive elements and content will attract your target demographic. 

4. Promote Business Authority

Using data and research can make your digital marketing infographics more credible. 

Digital marketing infographics can be used to promote your services, but they will be even more effective if you use statistics to back them up.

Within the visuals, you can reference how many years you’ve been in the business, how many customers you’ve converted, and other figures that will attract attention to your brand.

infographic 4


Statistics and other data are a great way for businesses to showcase how their services will benefit the ones that use them. 

Numbers and large blocks of text aren’t user-friendly, and the audience can lose interest quickly. 

To visualize your company’s data and research, design charts, tables, and graphics within your digital marketing infographics. This will make the information more digestible for external marketing opportunities. 

Presenting data from your company in a well-thought-out way will build your brand’s reputation and credibility. 

Companies Should Use A Digital Marketing Infographic to Benefit Their Overall Brand

Visual experiences are memorable. Create one for your brand by designing innovative and informative digital marketing infographics. 

An infographic is meant to present complex information in a user-friendly way. 
Bright visuals combined with succinct text can captivate your audience. 

Businesses can leverage these to cater to their target audience, generate more interest, and expand their business opportunities. 

Invest in digital marketing infographics to:

  • Create a story for your customers and other audiences
  • Improve your company’s SEO and ranking
  • Find outlets and platforms for new outreach and opportunities
  • Establish your brand’s authority and credibility

Digital marketing infographics can promote your business by educating your target audience on what you bring to the table. 


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