Marketing Video Production: Benefits and Strategies

Sydney Wess

An effective marketing strategy uses the platforms and tools that best reach your audience and achieve strong recall for your brand. Now, brands need to be visible online through ads on websites and social media.

Since 90% of communication is visual and our brain processes pictures faster than text, videos are a powerful way to market your brand. In just a few minutes, a well-made video can introduce your brand to a new audience. Videos can engage, inform, and convince a customer to support your brand. A report on consumer trends says videos are the most preferred format for content. 

What Is Marketing Video Production?

Marketing video production is a way to promote your brand by producing videos that showcase your brand's offerings. In producing a marketing video, there are two processes you need to understand: video production and video marketing strategy.

Video Production Process

The video production process has three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. 


This lays the groundwork for how your video production will go. It includes tasks such as researching, tapping a video production team, meeting with the production team to set goals and how the video will look, conceptualizing and approving the storyboard. In this phase, you also need to create your video marketing strategy. 


During this stage, the actual video shooting happens. This phase involves setting up the equipment, shooting, recording voice-overs, doing interviews, capturing extra footage, etc. 


This is the final stage where the video is edited and polished. It also involves logging interviews, music selection, review and approvals, and delivery of the finished video.

Video Marketing Strategy

You must have a plan and an outline of how your video marketing strategy should run. 

  1. Goal-setting: Know what you want your video to achieve. These goals should align with a specific stage in the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, or decision. 
  2. Determine target audience: The video should appeal to your target demographics or else, it will not be effective. 
  3. Know what message the video should convey: The video should convey your message effectively. The video could contain your brand’s vision and objectives or the benefits of your products or services. Your marketing video could also relay information that is connected to your brand and will be beneficial to consumers.
  4. Draw a timeline: The timeline plots the progress of the video production. 
  5. Set and maintain a budget: The budget dictates the quality of the marketing video you will produce. A large budget will produce a glossy, impressive video. However, a small budget can push the team to be more creative and resourceful. 

Marketing Video Production Benefits 

Videos Powerfully Convey Your Message 

Videos, unlike pictures paired with text, convey your message better. Videos are a great way to show how a product works and what processes are involved in the services offered. Videos make it easier for your audience to understand your brand and its offerings.

More People Prefer Videos

These days, people prefer watching videos, whether it be for entertainment or learning. Mobile users also prefer watching videos and are less likely to scroll past a video post. Because people prefer this format, videos also have higher click-through rates.

Videos Are Versatile 

Videos can be cut into shorter clips and even GIFs. These materials can be used to promote your newer posts or as teasers for a new product or service. Shorter video clips can be featured on your brand’s social media sites, which often have video size restrictions.

Search Engines Give a Higher Ranking to Video Content

Search engines like Google place videos relevant to your search on the top of the page because videos generate a better user experience. In terms of SEO, sites with marketing videos have a 4.8% average conversion rate.

Videos Are Shareable

Marketing videos are more likely to be shared on social media platforms than posts that do not contain images. 

Videos Support Branding and Strengthen Customer Engagement

A video can easily show what your brand or product is all about. They allow users to connect emotionally with your content. Having videos on your website or social media account makes them stay there longer. Marketing videos may also contain a call-to-action that encourages viewers to engage with your other platforms.

Invest in Marketing Video Production

Producing a marketing video works to your brand’s advantage. It not only shows that your brand keeps up with the times, but it also makes it easier for your target audience to know and understand the brand and its offerings. 

Choosing a format that is preferred by more people ensures that your message reaches a wider market. Marketing videos can also supplement other marketing strategies such as email and adds to engagement to your brand on social media. Videos are not only versatile and reusable, but they also ensure better recall for your brand. 

Increased engagement and recall paired with a broader reach and accessibility more often than not lead to a greater return of investment. It is high time that you start producing a marketing video.


Sydney Wess

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