How to Perfect Your SEO Workflow

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Trillions of searches occur daily on the internet. With most brand engagement now happening online, brands need to be easily found by online search engines. To be searchable, a brand should have a strong SEO. 

Updated May 26, 2022

If your brand has strong SEO, your brand’s website will be at the top of lists of search results for keywords relating to your brand. The site of your brand will be among the first brands a customer sees.

Achieving a high ranking requires a lot of tasks that various departments handle. They include the SEO management team, the content writing team, the editing team, and the IT team. 

Avoid errors and ensure that all the departments are on the same page by following an organized SEO workflow.

An SEO workflow helps team members to focus on their assigned tasks and the various departments to work together seamlessly. When followed properly, the SEO workflow can simplify a complex web of tasks. 

What Is an SEO Workflow?

An SEO workflow is a set of activities done repeatedly to complete a task focused on improving SEO. The workflow focuses more on finishing specific tasks rather than achieving goals. The primary aim of a workflow is to ensure that a particular project is finished.

The SEO workflow is a ‘to-do list’ that identifies who is responsible for a specific task, specifies the timeline, and tracks the order of each stage in the process.

Who is in Charge of SEO Workflow and Task Management?

When it comes to SEO workflow and task management, who do you put in charge?

For this process, an SEO project manager is best equipped. SEO project managers are skilled, passionate, and determined, which will give your company results. 

Once you find the right candidate, your SEO workflow will be on track for success.

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Benefits of an SEO Workflow

Having a workflow allows everyone involved to monitor progress. An SEO workflow identifies which team is responsible for which task and the order of priority. Following the SEO workflow helps avoid errors and confusion.

It also ensures good communication among departments that could be working on the project from various time zones. Workflows may include content, keyword research, social media strategies, UX, web design, and more

SEO workflow examples

Source: SEO Dennis

An efficient SEO workflow is part of your brand’s digital marketing. With trillions of online searches happening all the time, your brand needs to be easily found by search engines. 

Phases of an SEO Workflow

  1. Identify demand
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Optimizing content
  4. Measuring impact

SEO strategies focus primarily on content production, and the SEO workflow will revolve around it. There are four phases in a content marketing workflow, namely:

1. Identifying Demand

Understanding what your target clients are looking for is crucial because, in ranking content, search engines look at the demand. You need to identify the demand for your brand. 

But note that search engine rankings are not just about keywords. User engagement and experience counts as well. So take time to know and understand your client’s preferences as these affect their engagement and experience with your web pages.

2. Benchmarking

What does your competitor do best? What can you learn from them? Benchmark your competition to study their content. Analyze what kind of content your competitors have and how they rank on search engine result pages. 
Find what works and what doesn’t. Apply what works and avoid or improve on aspects that do not help your brand be searchable online. 

3. Optimizing Content 

To be easily searchable, you need to optimize your content. You can do this by maximizing the use of tags and proper URL structure. Add images and videos as they contribute to high rankings. Videos have a high click-through rate and ensure more extended user engagement. 

Improve your user’s experience by leveraging their preferences. Adding interactive elements wouldn’t hurt, provided they do not affect the loading speed of your pages.

4. Measuring Impact

Use software that analyzes user engagement to measure the impact of your SEO campaign. The data can help you compare previous and current engagement rates and identify ineffective strategies. You can also use the data in planning marketing campaigns.

How to Strengthen Your SEO Workflow

  1. Define your structure
  2. List common projects each team delivers
  3. Match teams with responsibilities

1. Define Your Structure

Defining your structure ensures everyone part of the project understands the purpose of the task and their roles and responsibilities. When the system is clearly defined, you can identify which team members need more SEO training. 

Also, each one is encouraged to achieve the desired results of the whole organization. A defined structure helps team members see that the workflow is not linear but goes through cycles.  

2. List Common Projects Each Team Delivers

Outline the workflow of common projects. SEO involves various departments that may include teams located in other countries, so a workflow shows who does what and the tasks involved with those responsibilities. A workflow helps team members see what each team member is doing. 

Not only that, but it also ensures that your team communicates feedback through the proper channels. This means that a good communication workflow minimizes errors and confusion. Following the workflow makes it easier for you to prioritize tasks and track progress.

3. Match Teams with Responsibilities

Identify your teams and the tasks assigned to them. Take note as well of where and how to reach them.

Doing this keeps the project or the job from being stalled due to uncontrollable factors. Approvals and signoffs, for example, take time. It would be good to prioritize them and ensure that you can get hold of the people involved to prevent delays in your project.

Make sure to match the task with the people or teams capable of accomplishing the tasks. The SEO director or manager should prioritize researching targets for the next year and work on strategies.

Content creators should focus on producing content while the IT team should work on the technical aspects of your web pages. Team members should be assigned and allowed to focus on tasks they can deliver to avoid problems.

Carefully Create Your SEO Workflow

A workflow ensures efficient project delivery and builds a robust workflow is essential in ensuring good project continuity. But understand that a workflow is cyclical, not linear. 

An SEO workflow minimizes the challenges of working with multiple teams and departments by providing a guide and outline of the tasks assigned to each department. By following the timeline specified in the SEO workflow, delays and hold-ups are prevented. 

Follow a strong SEO workflow to streamline your project management and ensure your project's success.

Hire a trusted SEO agency to help with your company's SEO workflow.

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