Social Media & Globalization: 3 Iconic Social Campaigns

Anna Peck

The globalization of social media has created opportunities throughout the world. As access becomes more open, businesses are leveraging the impact of social media & globalization within their media strategies. Large global campaigns have influenced the ideas of connection and transparency through different social media platforms. 

Social media has transformed how we communicate. Over 53% of the world’s population uses some form of social media. And its popularity is still growing. 

As social media & globalization continues to evolve, the way social media users interact with brands will change. 

Large social media campaigns with global impact and reach are using unique strategies to gain attention to their product or service. 

Small businesses can learn from larger corporations who use universal messaging and interactive elements to craft their social media strategy.

This article dives into three global social media campaigns that influence the lives of consumers all over the world. 

Social Media & Globalization Influencers 

  1. Apple Relies on User Generated Content on Instagram
  2. P&G Promotes Connection Through TikTok
  3. Athleta Highlights a Cultural Moment on Twitter

Apple Relies on User Generated Content on Instagram

To promote their frequently updated line of smartphones, Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” social media campaign relies on original user generated content.

By simply creating a hashtag #shotoniphone, Apple is able to promote their services by using their consumers’ social media content while following their social media aesthetic.


The collaborators within this campaign are customers, social media followers and brand ambassadors with original content like images, videos, and blog posts.

By using their own users, Apple is able to bridge the gap between different consumer types all over the world. Through using a simple hashtag, the brand is able to increase its global reach for free. 

The social media campaign opens the room for connection between consumers all over the globe. 

User generated content gets almost 30% more engagement than standard company posts. 

Consumers have trust in businesses that show the value that their customers provide. 

P&G Promotes Connection Through TikTok

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok became a popular social media platform and multi-communication channel for individuals and companies alike. 

Through challenges, easy-to-make recipes, and dancing, users of the platform have been able to bridge connection and transparency in a time where everyone was distant. 

P&G came up with an idea to use dancing as a way for people to connect all over the world. 

The goal was to encourage people to record a short dance video while staying at home. Then, post the short clip on TikTok with the hashtag #DistanceDance. 


For every 3 million videos, P&G committed to donating to Feeding America and Matthew 25

Despite being stuck indoors, users were able to connect in another way. Within the first week, the campaign had over 1.9 million videos and over 8 billion views.

Given the company’s range of consumer health products, it is natural that P&G chose to promote social responsibility while raising awareness for a major cause.

Businesses can leverage support through social media by highlighting causes that are close to their local area or all over the world. 

Athleta Highlights a Cultural Moment on Twitter

The weeks leading up to the Tokyo Olympics were filled with Simone Biles, star U.S. gymnast.  

Biles left Nike to sign a new deal with Athleta, the Gap’s athletic clothing unit. After feeling overlooked, Biles left to work with a company she felt was committed to recognizing and supporting the collective strength of women. 

However, its most important message was less planned. After Biles pulled out of several Olympic events, citing mental health concerns, it became a massive media story. 

Athletes are seen as strong and tough, which is why they’re chosen for many global campaigns. But, it was time to see them as human in Athleta’s campaign. 


The “PowerofShe” is a campaign that highlights the importance of connection, strength, and transparency. 

By showing the strength behind Biles and her decision, Athleta showcases their support for the gymnast who faces a struggle that many people across the world struggle with daily. 

Unforeseen circumstances with a universal message were able to showcase Athleta’s universal campaign in an unexpected way.  

Small Businesses Should Learn from Global Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are a way to promote your company’s brand, engage with your target audience, and increase sales. 

With different social media platforms becoming used more and more across the globe, it is important for companies to think about how they can use external marketing to their advantage. 

As social media and globalization continue to have an impact all over the world, businesses of all sizes need to think of universal messages for their marketing strategies that connect us beyond a screen. 


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