FAQs About Visual Objects

Learn more about Visual Objects – how to get your company listed and how to use our data to connect with the right creative, design, marketing, or development company.

What Is Visual Objects?

Visual Objects is a database of business service providers from around the world. It features verified client reviews of creative, design, marketing, and development companies and visually showcases each company's best projects.

Visual Objects combines client review and market data with visuals of a company's best work to make it easier to make an informed buying decision.

Use Visual Objects to connect with the best creative firm for you.

What Is Clutch?

Clutch is the leading B2B services review platform. Until now, market insight to find and hire a service provider was limited, unorganized, and biased – think advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts. Clutch’s trusted, verified, and extensive client reviews help businesses connect with the best service provider for their project.

Clutch not only helps over 550,000 buyers each month make informed buying decisions on service providers but also helps companies featured on Clutch to use the 40,000+ client reviews to attract qualified customers and improve their business.

How Are Visual Objects and Clutch Connected?

Visual Objects is a sister website of Clutch along with The Manifest.

Visual Objects launched in December 2018 as a field guide for buyers to find and hire the best service provider for their needs.

For companies listed on Clutch with client reviews and portfolio items, Visual Objects is another opportunity to:

  • Build your online reputation
  • Feature your Clutch-verified reviews
  • Attract qualified leads

How Can I Get My Company Featured on Visual Objects?

To be featured on Visual Objects, your company must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have a company profile on Clutch
  • Submit client references to populate your Clutch profile with verified reviews
  • Upload 2-3 portfolio items to your company profile on Clutch
  • Be ranked on Clutch

Learn more about how to get listed on Visual Objects.

How Can I Improve My Company's Rank on Visual Objects?

There are three ways to improve your rank on Visual Objects:

  1. Submit client references.
  2. Upload 2-3 portfolio items to your company profile on Clutch.
  3. Highlight the 2-3 main services that you offer.

How Do I Add Portfolio Items to My Clutch Profile?

Follow this 4-step process to add portfolio items and showcase your best work.

How Are Companies Ordered on Visual Objects?

By Clutch Rank, which takes into account:

  • Number, quality, and recency of client reviews
  • Work experience
  • Market presence and awards
  • Services offered