September 2021

Top Brand Consulting Firms in Poland

Good branding can set you apart from the crowd and bring your company's vision to life. So, what makes a strong brand, and how can branding services help you get there? A strong brand has a clear and unique message that's targeted to each segment of your audience. It also includes a consistent visual presentation – think colors, logos, fonts. Finally, a strong brand may evoke an emotion like Apple's innovation.

If you're looking at this definition of a strong brand and are unsure how your company's brand stacks up, hire a branding agency. The right branding company helps you define and marketing your business brand to attract customers, retain talent, and emphasize shared values.

Luckily, Poland has some of the best brand agency to hire. Use our list to find and connect with brand agency in Poland. Evaluate their case studies, project types, and client reviews to determine which company is the best fit for you.

List of the Best Branding Agencies in Poland

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    Opole, Poland

    While they have supported establshed brand names as clients, Adlancers remains an agile PPC marketing agency. This Poland-based firm helps organizations around the world focus their digital marketing strategies to increase sales.

    If you want to see how Adlancers helps brands communicate with their audiences in a unique and crowded space, look no further than their work for a major global brand. Adlancers developed a tailored strategy to improve their local and online reach.

    • 15% Email Marketing
    • 15% Pay Per Click
    • 10% Advertising
    • 60% Other
    Adlancers - Digital Marketing...

    Adlancers - Digital Marketing...

    Polish Marketing Freelancers services: SEO PPC E-Mail Marketing Social Media

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How Do I Create a Global Brand?

Building a global brand requires telling your business’s story on an international scale. To do that, businesses must have both broad, overarching values and country-specific branding strategies.

The best strategies to build a global brand include:

  1. Understanding customer values: Brands exist to promote a company and the people doing branding must understand the behaviors and preferences of potential customers. The preferences and habits of one culture are bound to be different than in another, and building a global brand requires making branding decisions that respect all customs.
  2. Positioning the brand effectively: Positioning a brand effectively means understanding your brand, your competition, and what specifically your brand offers customers. For example, a luxury food chain may not be competitive in a market in which fast casual dominates. Businesses have to anticipate how their brand will speak to a specific country’s shopping and consumption habits.
  3. Knowing how a brand will translate: Brand translation can be taken literally. A sensible product name or slogan in one language may mean something completely different in another. Certain colors and shapes may be desirable to an audience in one country but considered garish or even offensive in another.
  4. Thinking broadly: Companies that are expanding into new, global markets must make sure that the full scope of their business’s offerings is represented in the name. For example, a company named “Ken’s Calculators” that offers full-service math tutoring may be interpreted in a new market as a company that only sells calculators. Companies should be sure that their brand represents all their offerings or risk being ignored in a new market.
  5. Seeking global advice: Branding requires business relationships with consultants and leaders who can help a company hone its image. When expanding to a global brand, companies should seek input and advice from across the world.

What Are the Challenges of Global Branding?

Global branding can be a difficult process. Here are some of the top challenges that businesses face when pursuing global branding:

  1. Cultural barriers: Businesses must contend with different cultures, languages, and business norms in each country.
  2. Technology: Some countries are more technologically advanced than others. Branding through a mobile app might work in the United States while promoting a brand on a physical billboard is more effective in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Coordination across the globe: Having a global brand typically requires employing teams across the globe. Different languages, time zones, and work norms create management and legal challenges.

What Are the Essential Brand Elements?

  1. Brand name
  2. Logo
  3. Slogan
  4. Color
  5. Font/typography