Crystal Pyramid Productions

Crystal Pyramids Productions is San Diego’s longest standing video production company producing videos for brands like Miller Brewing, Denny’s, and Netflix. Most of their videos are corporate and commercial style.

The City of San Diego hired Crystal Pyramids Productions to produce a video that raised awareness about the dangers embers pose to homes in Southern California. Their work took an educational yet urgent tone mixing by mixing a voice over explaining the dangers of embers with B roll of the devastating effects they can have on homes and wild areas.

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$100 - $149/HR
2 - 9
Founded 1981


San Diego, CA
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"You'll be in good hands." - ." - Campaign Coordinator, San Diego Clean Elections Campaign

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Crystal Pyramid Productions

Crystal Pyramid Productions Demo Reel

Crystal Pyramid Productions 2018 Demo reel featuring broadcast and corporate clips from San Diego video shoots

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Crystal Pyramid Productions Demo Reel

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