How to Revamp Your Instagram to Increase Sales

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Because of its sheer scale, Instagram offers a ton of benefits for businesses, regardless of size and industry. In this article, you can learn more about how you can revamp and refresh your Instagram to best grow your sales.

Instagram has been growing consistently through the years, and it has proven that it’s more than just a platform for posting new outfits and exotic trips. Even pets have their own dedicated Instagram accounts nowadays. 

If you’re not using Instagram for your social media marketing efforts, you’re doing it wrong!

The social media platform has provided various opportunities for businesses to capitalize on making genuine connections with their customers. Regardless, even if it’s a small business or a large enterprise, anyone can leverage their reach using the platform.

Since Instagram never fails to evolve because of the changing consumer behavior, you should also learn how to ride that wave for your business. It’s an absolute must to know how you can keep up and get more engagement for your business.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about how to revamp your Instagram to increase sales, the pros of having a good presence on the platform, and more.

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The Scale of Instagram

Instagram is MASSIVE. It has always been known for experimenting with its algorithm, maybe for good or bad depending on how you view it.

Its evolution can leave you outdated if you fail to comprehend how its advances.

According to DATAREPORTAL, advertisements on Instagram have the potential of reaching 1.44 billion users. That’s massive ad real estate! 

global instagram

The platform is enjoyed by consumers of all ages but its biggest demographic is users aged 18 to 24, closely followed by users aged 25 to 34. Those two groups make up a total of 61.2% of the overall ad audience on Instagram. 

Statistics-wise, the sheer span of Instagram makes it ideal for any business, regardless of size and industry, to take the leap. Creating an account alone will never be enough to help you take advantage of that scope. Learn more about how you can reap the benefits of the platform.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Businesses

Clearly, Instagram isn’t just for personal use, it’s become a staple to any marketing strategy. However, investing in the platform isn’t an easy step. It’s alright to have doubts about whether the platform is the right fit for your brand. 

If you still have that concern, these benefits can change your mind, leading to your new business account right away:

Benefits of Using Instagram for Business:

  1. Connecting with customers
  2. Low-cost lead generation
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Insights into your target audience

Connecting With Customers

Most customers expect you to have an Instagram presence. Due to its visual nature, having an account to showcase your services and products goes a long way.

Social media platforms allow brands to not just communicate but also interact and build meaningful relationships with their customers through messaging, promotions, and more. It can be a part of their customer journey and keep them updated about your offerings. 

Staying active and responsive gives customers a great feeling. It makes them know that your business cares and is listening to them.

Low-Cost Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the biggest priorities of business owners and marketers. Instagram is a free platform that allows you to gain more attention and acquire your target audience. 

You can also pay for ads to boost the reach of your Instagram posts. It’s the simplest way to attract more followers to your business account.

The platform is designed to help businesses gather crucial information from customers such as their email addresses and contact details.

Created through Meta’s Ads Manager, you can select the Lead Generation option as your marketing objective so that your ads can achieve optimal results.

meta ads manager

Users can be creative with the ads manager tool. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Getting your target audience acquainted with your brand is the simple aim of branding efforts.

Consistently producing high-quality Instagram content allows brands to establish strong credibility and brand awareness. You don’t need to go viral to make a stamp in your market. Staying true to your brand and having an effective strategy can help you steadily gain traction.

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Understanding Your Customers

For any business, it’s crucial to pay attention to your core demographics to provide the best service or product possible. Instagram gives you relevant insights about your target audience. 

For example, if your target audience is on the younger side, short-form content like videos is extremely appealing and helps attract attention spans. 

By tracking the engagement of your Instagram posts, you can generate invaluable data about your customers. You can use this information for future social media and Instagram campaigns to best tailor your audiences.

How to Revamp Your Instagram

Those perks are more than enough to show you how Instagram can contribute greatly to your business. The dilemma now is how do you give your Instagram account a makeover to generate more sales. You don’t need to create a new account, but it’s more than just coming up with a new color scheme.

Here are the important steps you need to understand and apply to revamp your Instagram:

  1. Update your company’s bio and profile photo
  2. Establish a cohesive theme
  3. Create a content calendar
  4. Prepare enticing copy and hashtags
  5. Partner with Influencers
  6. Organize story highlights
  7. Be consistent

Update Your Bio and Profile Photo

Instagram bios don’t give you a lot of room to tell your entire story — you only have 150 characters but make sure to create one that catches the attention of your target audience right away. 

clutch instagram

Your bio must represent the very essence of your brand and have intriguing CTOs. Don’t be afraid to put links, playful emojis, and bullets on your Instagram bio. Make sure that what you write is digestible!

Once you’re done with that, update your profile picture! Yes, it’s a small photo but it’s more important than most people think.

That small photo can play a role in building your brand’s credibility on Instagram, and it’s one of the first things your customers notice.

Usually, it’s recommended to have your logo as your Instagram profile picture so it can be recognizable; just remember to tie it to your content or brand’s unique color palette.

Establish a Cohesive Theme 

Decide on a style that you will follow for your Instagram content. You simply cannot post willy-nilly because everything must follow your theme to build a cohesive brand image.

For example, ZARA’s Instagram follows a very classic aesthetic.  

zara instagram

Some people might say that this is taking things too seriously and posting outside of your chosen theme will only affect how your Instagram grid looks. Remember, Instagram’s very nature is very visual — how your grid looks matters.

Create a Content Calendar and Plan Your Photos

In line with your theme, you should also have a content calendar. Social media managers will all agree on this. A comprehensive content calendar will serve as your framework to organize your Instagram feed.

Content calendars also help you communicate the plan to your team — graphic designers, copywriters, and account managers. It allows you to keep track of their output and streamline workflow.

Some may question how it affects spontaneity and make your interactions look less natural. Don’t overthink it!

You can still post spontaneously but not impulsively. Whenever you want to post something that’s not part of your content calendar, take a step back and assess if it still aligns with your theme and vision. 

For example, if you want to post about a specific holiday, find a way to connect it back to your company’s mission and overall team. 

Social media marketers use different tools such as spreadsheets and PLANOLY for their content calendars.

After that, the next step is to produce photos that are visually appealing. It doesn’t matter if you’re editing on Canva or Adobe Photoshop, as long as the images are clean, creative, and beautiful.

The Rise of Reels

By now, you should’ve heard about Instagram Reels. The new feature was released in 2020, and it allows users to post vertical videos that don’t disappear after 24 hours like Instagram Stories. It’s shorter than Instagram lives and has become a fast-growing key feature on the social media platform.

nike instagram

Since TikTok took the digital world by storm, Instagram answered that with its Reels. 

Instagram favors Reels in its algorithm, showcasing them more in the Explore tab. That can help you push your content to more viewers and potential customers.  When you’re planning your content calendar, consider adding Reels to your mix.

Prepare Great Copies and Hashtags

Next, once your editors are done with the photos, graphics, and videos, work closely with your copywriters to produce matching copies and engaging call to action. Instagram is one of the platforms to best utilize hashtags.

It’s already 2022, if you still don’t know how the power of hashtags works, you might be living under a rock. Every recent photo or content with hashtags is featured in order on Instagram. 

b2b hashtags

The feature was initially meant to organize content by themes, but it eventually evolved into becoming a phenomenon across all social media platforms, not just on Instagram.

That means, using the right Instagram hashtag can help you boost the reach of your new post. More eyes on your posts also mean better interactions to attract your prospective customers.

Understand if You Need to Collaborate With Influencers

When planning a content calendar, you will need to evaluate if your brand needs to collaborate with influencers. The digital era has opened the door for influencer marketing, a rising type of social media marketing that focuses on getting endorsements or product placements from influencers.

Depending on your target audience and business, you may need to work closely and build relationships with influencers who have the same demographic following. 

In June 2021, Instagram launched a feature that allows two accounts to share the same post in both of their feeds. 

instagram shared accounts

Finding the ideal influencer for your brand and sharing collab posts with them can help you reach more users.

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Overhaul or Organize Your Story Highlights 

Along with your Instagram bio and profile picture, highlights are what the users first see.


Sometimes, customers are looking for information that is crucial like how to get to your location and how much your services or products cost. 

By taking advantage of Instagram’s story highlights, you can curate information such as FAQs, delivery details, and new products. You can also showcase the best content you have such as previous Stories from events or campaigns.

Stay Active and Consistent 

Consistency is and will always be the key to Instagram. Your followers expect you to post regularly and stay active. 

Preferably, you should post no less than three (3) Instagram posts each week and share stories at least every other day. This is to ensure that your account is always visible to your audience. 

It may look easy but maintaining a cohesive look for your Instagram grid and highlights can be challenging. The benefits of staying consistent on Instagram are more than worth it. Once you figure out the rhythm of posting, you’ll eventually find it easier. 

Instagram Can Increase Sales for Businesses

By now, you should know how to revamp your Instagram account for your business. Now that you’ve put all the work into revamping your platform, you’ll expect to see better results, which will turn into conversions and sales. 

Numbers can be tricky to calculate accurately, but with great perseverance, you can significantly boost your sales and profit.

Instagram and other social media platforms have a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. The greater your exposure on Instagram, the more chances you can attract potential customers.

Connect with the leading Instagram marketing agencies to help you revamp your Instagram, manage campaigns, and develop your account. 

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