Social Media Video Production: 5 Examples

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Looking to add some flair to your company’s marketing strategy? Social media video production is a versatile way to grow your business by encouraging new leads and increasing your content’s value. Learn how five businesses leveraged different social media channels for their social media video production projects.

In recent years, the demand for exciting social media content has grown. This has also expanded to the business space. 

Over 90% of brands have acquired a new customer from a video on social media

As companies are raising the bar with their social media and video content, it is key for your business to stay ahead of the pack. 

This article will go over key insights for social media video production before exploring five different video styles on five social media platforms that are currently used by businesses of all sizes.

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Tips for Social Media Video Production

A social media video is a powerful and engaging way to attract and retain followers. Follow these key tips that will work for whichever social media platform you choose:

  1. Start with a strategy: before creating a video, there needs to be a planning period that includes ideation, audience research, task delegation, competitor research, and more.
  2. Be short and sweet: attention spans are short – create a social media video that gets your point across to your audience quickly.
  3. Experiment with sound and audio: capture your viewer’s attention by adding voiceovers, music, and animated sounds to your video.
  4. Keep your brand in mind: all of your social media videos should follow your brand guidelines to stay consistent.
  5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA): when the audience reaches the end of your video, they should know what to do next. 
  6. Optimize for different mediums: each social media platform has its own technical video specs that need to be followed for optimal performance. 

With these tips in mind, it’s time to explore several social media video production projects businesses created for popular social media channels. 

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5 Examples of Social Media Video Production

  1. WeWork on LinkedIn
  2. Semrush on Twitter
  3. FentyBeauty on TikTok
  4. Colgate on Facebook
  5. toasttab on Instagram

1. WeWork on LinkedIn 

As the world’s premier social networking portal for professionals, videos on LinkedIn are typically in the same realm.

A lot of content on the platform is career-related, whether it is insights into job searches, tips for remote working, or industry expert interviews, businesses are leveraging LinkedIn as their favorite video-friendly social network.

Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn users all have a feed where videos and posts can appear. Users can also engage with these social media video production posts through sharing, liking, commenting, and more. 

WeWork, the flexible co-working space, uses LinkedIn as a hub for various social media videos. The company posts frequently with videos that highlight the WeWork community, upcoming campaigns and events, and other insights from the industry.

One example of their social media video production is a short video that showcases how WeWork is the future of workspaces.


In their LinkedIn video, WeWork shows how they’ve impacted productivity over the years, which is attractive to their core audience. 

Businesses can use LinkedIn for their social media videos that are set to attract a key audience. 

2. Semrush on Twitter 

Twitter is a social media platform for debates, memes, and news. Since Twitter moves fast, it is important that your videos follow along – keeping them short in length. 

Twitter runs on account follows and trending topics – if your content is niche, it is key to build up an audience that will share the social media videos. 

To highlight one of their new product offerings, Semrush, an online marketing platform for professionals, highlighted a step-by-step process with a Twitter thread and accompanying video. 


This transparency makes the process and tutorial more engaging for marketing professionals that will use this tool. 

Businesses can use Twitter for snappy and newsworthy social media video production projects. 

3. FentyBeauty on TikTok 

TikTok is a newer social media trend but its popularity continues to grow. The platform is known for quick videos that follow the latest trends, but businesses are finding ways to leverage the platform to fit their own content. 

The social networking platform, with its active fanbase, has become popular among many consumer brands. 

While companies in the B2B space are likely to use the platform for product videos, beauty brands like FentyBeauty use TikTok for a different type of tutorial. 


With an engaging model, FentyBeauty is able to promote their newest lipstick offering by showcasing how it works for all types of makeup lovers. 

Businesses can use TikTok for their social media video production projects by featuring quick snippets of their business goals. 

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4. Colgate on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms for videos. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook shows your videos to followers and friends. 

Users on Facebook are generally more interested in entertainment – your company should experiment with social media video production projects that have a broad appeal. These can include customer stories or engaging animated videos. 

Colgate, the dental health company, caters their social media videos on Facebook to various audiences.

In this case, the animated video targets children and their dental health, taking them on an adventure into the “molar system” during Children’s Dental Health Month.

Businesses can use Facebook to create social media video production projects that hit close to home to their audiences. 

5. toasttab on Instagram

Instagram puts visuals first - its content strategy prioritizes images and videos over text. 

With “stories” and “reels,” Instagram provides businesses in all industries with vast opportunities to promote their services. 

Restaurant platform, toasttab, frequently posts videos of restaurant origin stories. 

A recent video highlighted how Barkhaus, a pet-friendly bar, opened its doors during the pandemic. 


A post shared by Toast (@toasttab)

The video gave toasttab’s 20.5K followers an insider look into their origin story with interviews from their founders along with visuals of food and dogs, of course. 

Businesses can use Instagram’s various video offerings for social media video production projects that teach, promote, and reach their audience. 

Social Media Video Production for Your Business 

Encourage your target audience to hit follow with a strong social media video production. Whichever social media platform you choose for your first video, think about how your service can create value for the viewer. Make sure they are entertained and find a way to encourage them to invest more in your services. 

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