Website as a Service: What Is WaaS?

Anna Peck

Does your company need a website? Yes. Do you want someone else to manage it for you? Then consider investing in Website as a Service or WaaS for your business. Read on to learn more about the service, its benefits, features, and more before deciding to include WaaS in your business plan. 

What Is Website as a Service (WaaS)?

Managing a web project internally can be a hassle for many companies due to a lack of resources and time. Having a website is key to being a successful company in this modern age of the online revolution. 

All businesses need to take a logical approach and see how they can outsource specific tasks that are relevant to maintaining their website. 

Website as a Service (WaaS) is a way of managing a website by subscribing to it as a service through technical updates or an entire package managed by someone outside of your organization. 

To maintain and keep a professional web presence, companies can hire developers that cover WaaS plans. After setup, these plans can be monthly or at a time that works best for your business. These plans are also easier to renew, usually at no additional cost. 

Benefits of WaaS

By subscribing to a website as a service plan, your company decides your website’s development level and progress. 

With these plans, you can account for new technologies in the market, changes in preferences, and any sort of hiccups within the development process. A WaaS plan allows for an open relationship between your provider and company. 

While it might seem like you’re spending more on a WaaS program than a typical site build, that isn’t necessarily the case.

Instead of paying for a lump sum for a well-built, organized website, you spend a smaller amount for setup and monthly fees for WaaS. The monthly range can also vary due to specific requests regarding upgrades or specialized features.

Another benefit of a website as a service system is that there is ongoing support with this type of partnership. Other development companies might not offer this perfected and consistent support, which can lead to headaches and miscommunication in the longterm performance of the website. 

With a superior WaaS system, your web project has no start or end date. This allows your website to truly evolve with your business. 

What WaaS Should Include

A successful WaaS includes all levels of support that lead to a successful website. 

Not every single website as a service provides the same type of offerings, but a majority of them will touch on these elements.

  1. Initial website design and development of your website
  2. All aspects of securing your website, which include server protection, browser assistance, and any fraud-related prevention. 
  3. Any sort of updates that can include regular updates, testing, and ongoing functionality improvements. 
  4. Hosting support that involves the server environment your website and all of its files live. 
  5. Regular backups that help your website get back up and running quickly if something goes wrong
  6. Any design updates that impact the freshness of your website’s frontend
  7. Ongoing support and maintenance ensure your website matches the level of service you provide to your customers and ensures that everything is running smoothly. 

It is important to note that a secure WaaS plan can be adapted to the user’s needs. If you find that hosting support or backups aren’t necessary, you can coordinate the fine details with your service provider. 

Why Is Website Design Important to WaaS?

Web design, along with ongoing frontend design updates, is crucial for a successful website as a service relationship. 

Interactive elements and other creative content have become staples in the evolving world of web design. To keep up with your competitors, it is key to have a WaaS system that keeps all of these in mind. 

With a proactive WaaS provider, businesses just have to worry about the content, not if their website is outdated or behind on the times. 

Consider Investing in Website as a Service (WaaS)

Website as a service (WaaS) is a great option for any company with limited resources. 

WaaS makes technology easy for your business. With the amount of changing technologies and updates to web development best practices, it is important to find a provider to keep track of that while you work on other ways to improve your business. 

Not every business owner has the time to manage their website or hire a resource internally. Using WaaS is the right solution for many growing and evolving businesses in various industries. 

A service model like WaaS can guarantee your business success within the expanding online marketplace and digital content strategy without repercussions for your internal team. 


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