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June 2023

Five Essential Automated Flows Every E-Commerce Business Needs

This list of five essential automated email flows can help you create a strategy that will help you generate more revenue, turn subscribers into customers, and ensure that existing customers remain loyal.

July 2023

8 PPC Campaign Efficiencies for Small Businesses

PPC is a practical means that allow small businesses to introduce their brands and products to the marketplace. Learn more about the top 8 PPC campaign efficiencies here.

July 2023

7 Common Challenges in Account-Based Marketing & How to Overcome Them

Have you tried Account Based Marketing to reach the most valuable targets? Read on to learn more about top ABM challenges and how to overcome them.

July 2023

Resolving Marketing Dissatisfaction: How to Align Business Vision with Marketing Execution

This article explores the key factors contributing to the widespread dissatisfaction among business leaders with marketing efforts. It then offers a comprehensive framework to align marketing efforts with business objectives and align marketing with other business functions.