5 Service Branding Tips for Your Company

Anna Peck

In order to brand your services the right way, companies need to think about the importance of service branding and their service’s role in the market. Learn the five keys to branding your service in an effective and impactful way. 

It’s more challenging to brand something that isn’t visible. 

Unlike product branding that promotes a product or offering, service branding involves a little more behind-the-scenes input. 

Service branding focuses on promoting your company’s identity, professionalism, brand image, and more factors related to how customers perceive your business. 

Companies with years of experience should know how to promote their brand.  But are they doing it effectively?

This article breaks down five service branding tips that can encourage companies of all sizes to effectively promote their services. 

1. Be Proactive

In a changing business environment, it is vital to always think ahead. 

Before customers ask for next steps or questions, it is important for your business to deliver the most transparent customer service by being proactive and responsive. 

During the height of COVID-19, online sales significantly increased. Businesses had to adapt a lot of their delivery, online ordering, and pickup models, which also lead to a lot of questions regarding the status of shipments and more.

In an attempt to remedy questions about orders and shipping options, Target added a FAQ section to their website that’s dedicated to all questions regarding shipping services. 


Along with detailing the different delivery and order options, the website section also provides information about pricing, returns, and ordering tracking. 

Thinking proactively about how your customers will want to interact with your business already puts your service top of mind for many buyers. 

Along with being proactive about answering questions, it is also important to respond to their communication requests. Don’t wait days to respond to a request online – respond as fast as possible or within 24 hours. Set these expectations with your teammates to ensure great customer service. 

2. Clarify Your Services & Message

What does your business do? This should be the easiest question to answer. 

When starting or growing your business, it is important to clarify your company’s message and brand characteristics.  

A clear message to your customers will help your business grow faster and be more impactful with employees, customers, and stakeholders. 

Method, a cleaning product company, includes a story section on their website that goes into detail about their foundation and founders. 


Along with breaking down how their purpose connects with people and the planet, the story details what they’re doing to help combat COVID-19. 

By communicating your service and message clearly, your service branding will combat messaging from your competitors. Using the power of a story is the best way to encourage new consumers. 

3. Anticipate Needs

To own a successful business, your team should know what your customer or client wants. It is important to anticipate their needs or requests. 

Whether it is where to find a certain product on your website, where to find the closest location that offers a specific product, or where to find your company’s return policy – all of these should be readily accessible to your employees to provide to your customers in a timely manner. 

This top-notch customer service creates a positive impression and exhibits great digital brand management, showing them that you care about them and that you’re on the ball. 

In the end, it reminds your target audience while they’re engaging with your business in the first place. 

4. Be Creative

Some of the best examples of service branding involve creativity. Along with being transparent and approachable, a creative spin can attract a lot of attention from prospective customers.

A lot of hotels offer exclusive deals and sales for their rewards members. Marriott Bonvoy offers a creative twist to one of their packages.

With many people working remotely, the idea of needing a new workplace outside of their bedroom is prevalent. 

Marriot Bonvoy offers a workcation package for select locations. 


The package provides large, private workspace with Wi-Fi and food and beverage options, along with access to other hotel amenities. 

Along with providing a change of scenery for their customers, this creative offering gives them the right amount of care and attention.

5. Delight Your Customers

Following inbound methodology stages, it is crucial to delight your customers to turn them into promoters of your service. 

By providing your customers with high-quality customer service, proactive response time, and creative offerings, your customers will consider your business a top option when recommending to friends and family. 

As a company that provides a specific service, it is important to show your customers that you’re open to any feedback, questions, and suggestions. A little goes a long way to stand out from the competition. 

Be Responsive With Your Service Branding

Branding tells customers not only who a company is, but it’s also a promise. For companies looking to stand out from the crowd, it is key to develop a well-defined service branding strategy. 

Remember to:

  • Be proactive
  • Clarify your services and message
  • Anticipate needs
  • Be creative
  • Delight your customers

For customers to perceive and interact with your business and brand right away, it must be clear that you put thought into your overall service branding message. 


Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at Clutch.co
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