5 Digital Marketing Audit Templates for Businesses

Anna Peck

For companies looking to clean up their marketing campaigns and collateral, investing in digital marketing audit templates is a great way to start. Discover five different digital marketing audit templates for your business. 

Before settling on what digital marketing audit template your company needs, it is important to define what a digital marketing audit is.

A digital marketing audit allows businesses to see what works, what doesn’t, and what can improve across their different marketing channels. 

Businesses can measure the effectiveness of their methods, look for gaps in those areas, and identify strategies to improve. 

While each audit assesses the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns, the process of an audit for each marketing channel needs a specific digital marketing audit template. 

Every company has its own set of objectives so it’s important to create customized digital marketing templates depending on their goals. 

This article dives into five popular marketing channels that need special digital marketing audit templates. 

5 Digital Marketing Audit Templates for Businesses

  1. Website audit 
  2. Email marketing audit
  3. SEO audit
  4. Brand audit
  5. Social media audit

Digital Marketing Audit Template for Your Website

Your company’s website is a main selling point for your business. 

As part of inbound methodology stages, a website is where your new visitors are converted into customers. 
If someone visits your website, they want to know what your business does before deciding to buy your service. Ensure that your audit is centered around that. 

For a website audit, your business should focus on improving user experience, company search ranking, and content.

A digital marketing audit template for a website should include:

  • Checking website responsiveness
  • Improving content
  • Optimizing your website for search 
  • Testing speed and performance

A good website should allow visitors to receive what they came for – a successful digital marketing audit ensures that. 

Digital Marketing Audit Template for Your Email Marketing

For businesses, emails are a great way to build your audience through communication.

To maximize these benefits, companies should track the success of their email marketing campaigns

Performing digital marketing audits on emails regularly helps your business understand how your audience perceives your communication. 

A digital marketing audit template for an email marketing effort should:

  • Check open, bounce, and click-through rates
  • Keep track of the unsubscribe rate
  • Test relevance
  • Improve content of the email body and subject line. 

Design emails that meet your digital content strategy while serving your customer base. 

Digital Marketing Audit Template for Your SEO

All company websites use SEO to generate traffic and increase opportunities for their business. 

To further improve your business’s performance online, invest in a good SEO audit. 

SEO involves a lot of factors, so it is important for businesses to document all aspects of what they’re trying to track. 

seo audit

Keeping everything organized will benefit all types of digital marketing audits.

A digital marketing audit template for SEO should:

  • Analyze backlinks
  • Check on-page SEO and keywords
  • Fix any Google indexing issues
  • Follow increases and decreases in organic traffic

A successful audit of your SEO can produce amazing results for your company’s overall strategy. 

Digital Marketing Audit Template for Your Brand

As all successful businesses know, a company’s brand includes a myriad of areas and interactive elements

brand audit

With a focus on strategy, brand awareness, target audience, and other marketing elements, an audit for a brand must rely on consistency.

A digital marketing audit template for a brand should keep an eye on:

  • Uniformity 
  • Brand voice
  • Company style guidelines
  • Quality of content

Ensure that your brand meets consumer expectations along with your company’s own standards. 

Digital Marketing Audit Template for Your Social Media

A majority of marketing plans rely on social media. In order to evaluate your current social media efforts, it is important to know exactly what to look for in an audit.

With social media trends constantly changing, it is key for your business to adapt while maintaining its social media aesthetic

A digital marketing audit template for social media includes:

  • Analyzing all of the social media channels being used
  • Evaluating each channel’s performance
  • Highlighting the highest performing content
  • Understanding the audience of each different channel

A successful social media audit will help your business increase sales and audience attention. 

Create A Digital Marketing Audit Template for All Aspects of Marketing

If your business is interested in getting a better grasp on their marketing performance, invest in a digital marketing audit for all aspects of your business. 

Developing digital marketing audit templates allow for transparency, structure, and organization when starting on an auditing process. 

The information you’ll learn will be key to optimizing your entire business and marketing strategy. 


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