5 Tips & Tricks for Product Video Production

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The process of product video production might be difficult for first-time creators. A product video can bring your product to life while attracting new customers. Read through the key tips and tricks for a successful product video production. 

The time is now for businesses to incorporate videos into their marketing strategies. 

Videos increase sales and traffic, so it should not be a shock that video will be a top investment for B2B brands in 2022

Brainstorming ideas for video production can be difficult, but a good starting point is to showcase what your company has to offer. 

In video formats, businesses can quickly present their products in a fresh and dynamic way that will attract consumers. 

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What is a Product Video?

If companies want to express the pros of their product, a product video is a great way to go. 

A product video is a type of explainer video that demonstrates the benefits of a product. Using a specific narrative and style, a product video can create a stronger impression in a consumer’s mind, which can lead to the consumer looking more into the company’s services. 

Product videos can also be filmed as demos or tutorials. 

Regardless of industry, a product video can benefit all types of markets. A successful product video can explain a company’s offerings in an engaging and quick way, giving potential consumers more reason to be interested.  

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What Does a Product Video Include?

A useful product video both informs and encourages viewers to give their attention and become interested in purchasing the product. 

To convert potential customers, your product video must: 

  • Have a clear concept
  • Be fun to watch
  • Have engaging audio and visuals
  • Shows how your product solves a problem
  • Be short in length
  • Inspire customers to do more
  • Create an opportunity for trust

All of these elements and more lead to a successful product video. 

Tools for Product Video Production

For your video content to go viral, you will need to create an interactive and intuitive product video.

Here are some of the top video marketing tools that can help you create a seamless product video:

  1. Vyond: an online animation tool that creates professional videos
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro: an industry-leading video editing software
  3. ScreenFlow: a screencasting and video editing software for Mac devices
  4. Vidyard: an online video tool that targets marketing teams

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If your company doesn’t have the resources in-house to create a product video, they can explore what video production companies have to offer. 

5 Tips & Tricks for a Product Video Production

  1. Start with Scheduling & Planning
  2. Focus on a Key Feature
  3. Find an Interesting Angle
  4. Give Your Audience a Next Step
  5. Explore a Series


1. Start with Scheduling & Planning

It is key for any product video production to have a plan. Businesses won’t have a great video if they just have an idea of what they want in a product video – it is important to nail down all of the details and logistics. 

The planning period should include any filming logistics, content creation discussions, scriptwriting, and setting up a timeline. 

A great product video should be short and to the point. Plan out every second of your video. This will also help with cutting down the script and planning any voiceover work. 

The main focus of the video is the product, but businesses need to think beyond just showing the product. The video needs to focus on the small details or parts of the overall product to give customers an overall idea of what they’re expecting. 

With a structured plan in place, you can also nail down responsibilities and roles. If everyone involved knows their place within the product video production, it will make everything run smoothly within the set timeline. 

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2. Focus on a Key Feature

If your product video functions more as a demonstration on how the product works, it might be beneficial to focus on one key feature. 

That is easier said than done – during the planning phase of a product video production, you should’ve narrowed down your goal for the product video. Use that goal to decide on what feature to focus on. 

Zelle, a money sharing app, focuses on its core mission – to make money move safer and faster.

The live-action product video goes through all of the payment features, how to use the service, and more. But the main highlight is the security that their system provides - which is what users tend to be the most nervous about when using similar products. 

By focusing on a key element, this product video is able to instill confidence in a potential audience. 

3. Find an Interesting Angle

With engaging storytelling, it is crucial that your product video relays how your product works. But, it might be even more important to showcase what makes your product unique. 

The goal of Purple, an innovative mattress company, is to promote a healthier night’s sleep for their customers. 

In their product video, the team finds a way to showcase their product by focusing on the benefits, giving a “tour” of its factory, and by including personal interviews. 

The entire video focuses on how their approach is backed by science, which adds authority to their fun and dynamic storytelling. 

Your company can also make your product video more engaging through animation, voiceover, and sound effects. These elements can add to your overall message and help leave it more ingrained in your audience. 

4. Give Your Audience a Next Step

The goal of a product video is to sell a product or service. The best way to plan for that in a product video production is to have a clear CTA at the end of the video. 

Lyft, a ridesharing app, showcases their product through animation, easy to follow directions and a clear CTA.

With the on-screen text, viewers know what their next step is – either download the app and schedule a ride, or learn how to become a driver. 

Giving your audience a to-do or next step is a great way to keep them engaged with your services, and eventually transition to a loyal customer.

5. Explore a Series

After the product video is completed, you will also want to think of the next steps. 

While the actual product video production has wrapped, your business should begin thinking about how to promote and market the final video. 

Product videos can be a great inclusion in a social media campaign. Start scheduling posts with CTAs leading back to your company’s website.

If your product is a bit more complex than what you were able to explain in three minutes, no need to worry. Explore turning it into a series of product videos.

Think of each video as a chapter – with a key message or goal in each. With a series, you can create more digestible content and leave your audience wanting more. 

A series of product videos can create a complete picture for potential customers that might not get their main question answered in the first video. 

If you’re interested in a series, the product video production must include more phases of scheduling and planning. Businesses can also brainstorm potential topics with their current audience by crowdsourcing any questions they initially had or might even still have about the product. 

Leverage Product Video Production for Your Business

Creative videos are a new staple in marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. 

A successful product video production gives your business the chance to show off what your company has to offer in a visual and engaging manner. By following these tips and tricks for a seamless product video production, your product will be seen as more accessible to potential customers. 

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