How to Build a Trusted Public Relations Image

Anna Peck

In today’s business environment, a public relations image is how many companies maintain and grow their customer base. As your company adapts to a competitive market, learn how you can build a trusted reputation that rivals your competitors.

Delivering the right message to your customers is the base of any strong business partnership. 

For businesses looking to improve communication with their customers, promote goodwill, and strengthen trust, creating a strong public relations image is a dependable option. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the global PR market is actually growing. 

Public relations refers to the strategic communication from an organization to the public that maintains a public brand image or responds to any public discourse. 

How do you know that investing in public relations is good for your advertising strategy? It is important to think about the foundation of your business and how your brand appears in the marketplace. 

For companies either starting from the ground up or dealing with an unsavory mishap, this article will be a guide for any business looking to build a trusted public relations image. 

Build a Trusted Public Relations Image

  • Study your audience
  • Set business goals
  • Structure your communication
  • Solidify your brand image

Study Your Audience

The first step in building a trusted public relations image for your company involves something you’ve likely done a few times during your company’s iteration. 

You must identify your key or target audience, a similar process to what happens when you use naming services.


Your target audience can include internal and external groups, which can include stakeholders and customers. For each of these, you must be very specific about what goes into each audience.

What are they looking for from your business? What are they interested in? How closely are they involved in your business strategy? 

Your business should also want to connect with your audience by setting themselves apart from the competition. This can be through creating unique content with a creative social media aesthetic or by offering deals that only your company can provide. 

Once that clarity is in place, your company can create an effective public relations image that speaks to what your target audience wants to see in a trusted brand partnership. 

Set Business Goals

Your business must know where you want to be before you actually get there. 

To build a successful public relations image, all business factors must be considered, including your business goals. 

If your company doesn’t know any short or long term goals, you’re in a bit of trouble. Without them, your overall PR strategy or campaigns will be seen as ineffective.

If your goals aren’t in place, sit down with your team to brainstorm key strategies and goals that will benefit all parties involved. You can also revisit older goals if necessary. For example, if your company is performing well on Twitter, it might be time to focus on another platform and build up creative content there.

With your business goals in place, your company can craft a public relations image that will help your company meet them. 

Structure Your Communication

Along with set goals and a target audience, your company should craft key messaging and communication that meets those needs. Your overall key messaging should align with customer expectations, stakeholder interests, and long term, strategic goals.

Your key message should be the most important takeaways that you want your audience to walk away with. If your company is revamping your public relations image after negative attention, it is important that your communication incorporates what value your business adds along with part of your company’s personality.

Your communication channels should also align with your business goals and audience. 


Companies are investing more time in social media and content creation as a way to market their services and brand personality. 

By positioning your company with a structured communication strategy, your company will garner new attention.

Solidify Your Brand Image

With a trusted public relations image comes a solid brand image. 

Your entire brand persona should appeal to customers while articulating the core messaging of your company. Since your brand persona defines your overall image, it is important that it is fresh and relevant to align with your overall public relations image.

Slack has gained popularity since the rise of remote work. As its adapted to work with the increase of use, they’ve also worked to appeal to different facets of their target audience while remaining in the forefront of the office communication and collaboration space. 


Their social media strategy, especially on Instagram, gears towards sharing timely news updates, productivity tips, and other information that remains appealing to their audience. 

Over time, your brand will likely go through a revamp or other changes. It is important to go about this process while assessing where your organization currently stands with its public image.

Dive into how your company is performing to external parties, and from there, you can identify any weaknesses that can become improvements to your overall strategy. 

Remember – how the public perceives your brand is very important to the success and longevity of your business. 

Craft a Successful Public Relations Image for the Best Results

Along with building a solid brand image, a trusted public relations image is key in this digital age. 

With a strong public relations image, your company will have a loyal customer base, generate sales, and increase exposure in target markets. 

By having a trusted public relations image, your business will grow to a great level of success. 


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