5 Ways Web Design Ads Attract Business

Anna Peck

A successful marketing strategy attracts business to your company. Web design ads are an effective and creative way to advertise your business. Find out how to use web design ads to present your business in the best light for potential customers.

What are Web Design Ads?

For businesses looking to advertise their services online, web design ads or banner ads are a great investment for businesses.

Web design ads are visually appealing ads that are placed on websites or social media. The success of any advertising depends on the purpose, content, and of course, design of the ad.

To attract customers and maintain consistent business, companies need to create web design ads that showcase products and services, bring awareness, and connect visitors to other platforms. 

This article will detail how businesses can create web design ads to increase their potential in any market. 

How to Use Web Design Ads to Get Business

  1. Target your audience
  2. Provide free resources
  3. Forecast trends
  4. Design creative content
  5. Pair with SEO

Target Your Audience

When marketing your company’s services, your business will want to focus on a specific audience first. Once your company has decided on which platform or advertising medium to use, you can start thinking more about the details for your web design ads. 

To help your web design ads get seen by the target audience, you need to consider the location, potential interest, demographics, and the intent behind your advertisement.

To market their Apple Watches in 2015, Apple brought ad space on YouTube as a way to capture all aspects of their audience. 


When web design ads first launched, they included montages of different Apple Watch options using clips from a recent round of TV ads. 

Everyone who visited YouTube within that time period was subjected to these web design ads, allowing Apple to target potential customers. 

For businesses crafting creative web design ads, it is key to think about all potential avenues and platforms for your ad that go beyond your company’s homepage. 

Provide Free Resources

Offering your services is a given, but have you ever thought about providing  them a product for free?

To elevate your company’s position, you can offer potential customers free resources or services through targeted advertising with web design ads.

For example, a marketing company can offer content creation services or a mobile video advertising service could offer a free consultation. 

To boost business, a great idea to attract more leads and drive traffic to your website is to use web design ads to display smaller offerings that can get your target audience in the door. 

Forecast Trends

Being on trend is another tactic for attracting customers through web design ads.

When drafting your web design ads, it may be a useful exercise to think about how your service branding can match what’s going on in the world. 

With the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, many companies including Samsung crafted online advertisements that marketed their services or products in a way that connected to the global sporting event. 


Social media & globalization is on the rise, as is connection, which is what Samsung detailed in their web design ads. In a time where most viewers were watching from home, they could use their Samsung phone to stay connected throughout the Summer games. 

If you’re not able to find a way to connect your web design ads to a newsworthy or trending topic, you can create seasonal ads or ones that highlight big events like Black History Month.

Web design ads can attract businesses by being current and timely. 

Design Creative Content

Internet users are obsessed with creative content and interactive elements. To create a positive relationship with your audience, create web design ads that can meet their needs in a visually appealing way.

During one of their holiday campaigns, Starbucks created web design ads that encourage buyers to “share joy” with their seasonal drinks. 


The ads gave users the options to “Tweet a Drink” by selecting their favorite drink options and cup designs. 

In a creative, user-friendly way, Starbucks was able to use web design ads to promote their drinks while connecting with their customers. 

Pair with SEO

Web design ads pair easily with SEO and other online marketing strategies. 

Paid advertising through Google and Facebook Ads can help your business funnel leads directly into your website. In order for this strategy to work, your company’s SEO and PPC efforts must be aligned. 

While web design ads can increase business and interest, it is on your company to ensure that all of your marketing efforts are structured and organized to attract the attention of those targeted customers. 

Generate Web Design Ads to Increase Your Client Base

Web design ads can be used as a strategic tactic for many businesses looking to increase their marketing potential and advertising reach. 

For businesses in different industries, web design ads can elevate their brand, increase potential customers, and promote their services in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 


Anna Peck

Senior SEO Specialist at Clutch.co
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