What Is Drupal Web Design?

Anna Peck

Many websites you use every day are built using drupal web design. As a popular CMS, Drupal is the preferred choice for many organizations in different fields. Read this article to learn more about how businesses can use the flexible system to their company’s advantage. 

What Is Drupal Web Design?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). With a large online community, you likely use Drupal when searching the web without even realizing it. 

As a CMS, Drupal provides a user interface that allows users to create and publish their content easily. The system controls access to all types of content and features with its user role classification and permissions system. 

Drupal is known for its ability to be highly scalable, making it the right choice for organizations of all sizes. 

Features of Drupal Web Design

Similar to modular web design, Drupal web design provides a lot of flexibility for users, depending on their focus.

Developers can implement unlimited content types, including text and media content, with customizable forms. It’s a dynamic system with simple-to-use tools. 

Whole Foods, the popular food retailer, is one of the many organizations that use Drupal.

whole foods

Their product page leads to galleries of multimedia content and interactive elements that include all of the products that the food service offers. Each individual product page also has icons that showcase dietary restrictions and other food-related information. 

Users of the site are able to see a variety of multimedia content, which is one of the many pros for businesses that are considering a Drupal web design.

Along with Drupal allowing users to access content, there are also intuitive creation and editing capabilities that can assist with a variety of content types.

Drupal web design is responsive, which helps with search engine rankings and other key business metrics. A responsive web design offers the ability to create a site that transitions to any mobile device. More and more people rely on their mobile and tablet devices to browse the web; it can be difficult if the website you’re viewing isn’t optimized for smartphone use.

With Drupal, there is also better support for accessibility. Some of their recent improvements allow for rich content changes that meet industry accessibility standards. 

Uses of Drupal Web Design

Drupal is best used for customization. Depending on how complex your services are, you might need to work with a system that can easily support your strategy.

As a powerful web development tool, Drupal also adheres to modern object-oriented programming patterns that include C#, PHP, HTML5, and more. 

This robust system allows extended functionality through an assortment of add-ons that can include themes and modules. This integration capability allows businesses to streamline their processes and fit customer expectations. 

Websites built using Drupal web design also provide businesses the flexibility to organize their content in a simplistic way. For companies with a lot of information for their users, a Drupal web design provides the right level of organization and navigation.

Through Drupal modules, new integrations can be implemented to increase any functionality or navigation within the platform. This feature works well for retail and e-commerce websites. 

As mentioned previously, Drupal web design works well for content creation. Your business can add blog posts, podcasts, social media integrations, a resource section, and more with interactive elements and content that will attract users to your website. 

Advantages of Drupal Web Design

Since the Drupal web design community is very active, security is never a pressing issue. Drupal is quick to address any vulnerabilities while ensuring the platform is up to date. 

Drupal is browser-based, which means that it allows multiple users simultaneous access for editing and updating the site from anywhere. This is key for businesses with a large development team or even an offshore team. 

A flexible content architecture, similar to bespoke website design, can be created for in-house teams and external users of the site. Drupal web design allows for custom search solutions and layouts. 

As an open-source system, Drupal is highly scalable and accessible for all users. 

Businesses Should Invest in Drupal Web Design for Future Projects

For businesses looking for a system that scales alongside their growing needs, Drupal web design might be the right call for your organization. 

Drupal is often the top choice for many businesses because of its customizable features, functional integrations, and security. As a CMS, it is one of the more efficient tools for content management and creation as well. 

Overall, a Drupal web design is a powerful and dynamic accessory for businesses of all sizes looking to grow their business and customer base online. Simple for all users, Drupal can meet all of your web development and design needs. 


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