What Is Divi Web Design?

Anna Peck

Businesses find that WordPress design strategies like Divi web design simplify all aspects of the web build process. To create a user-friendly website that meets client expectations, businesses should consider using Divi web design for their next web development project. 

What Is Divi Web Design?

Divi is used by over 2 million site owners, making it one of the most popular WordPress themes.

Divi web design is a comprehensive WordPress theme that allows all levels of web designer experience the opportunity to build visually appealing websites.

The design theme includes premade website layouts, built-in page builders, and a testing system that allows users to test variations of their web platforms. 

Similar to modular web design, Divi web design works off of customized templates and themes. 

With Divi web design, designers give a complete design framework to build an eye-catching, innovative website. 

Features of Divi Web Design

The most inspired websites can engage their visitors with creative content and design elements. The Divi web design theme from WordPress allows inspired designers to create their vision. 

Divi web design offers a frontend visual builder that allows designers to make real-time changes through adding special effects, completing bulk editing, and changing image settings. The frontend visual builder eliminates any back and forth from the backend of the site. 

Premade website layouts, which differ from the bespoke website design framework, are available with this process as well. New layouts are added weekly and include design ideas that work with multiple industries. 

The built-in split testing system allows users to see how their website is performing. Users can look through click-through rates and other site metrics. 


Site owners can see how different variations or versions of their website are performing. For example, users can test different headers or colors to see how they would perform with audiences side by side. 

Speaking of color, users of Divi web design are offered a color system that stores their recently used colors for easy access.

divi colors

The color manager uses an algorithm to suggest new colors and shades that match the website’s current palette.

Divi web design gives businesses a competitive advantage by enhancing the visual experience for potential customers and site visitors. 

Uses of Divi Web Design

Being one of the more popular WordPress themes, Divi has branded itself as the ultimate page builder

For site builders looking for endless possibilities, Divi web design thrives on being for companies that need websites that function as multipurpose. 

The Divi library allows users to save and manage a plethora of custom designs that are easily transferred from one page to another. It also allows users to make responsive editing choices, allowing them to undo, redo, and revert to an original site copy. 

The theme offers drag & drop functionality, which allows users to add, delete, and move elements around the site, without going into the backend. 

Their page builder allows site builders to see how their platform functions on a mobile, desktop, or tablet device. This is perfect for businesses looking to scale their online presence. 

Divi web design is a robust theme that’s ideal for business websites. 

Advantages of Divi Web Design

There are many advantages to using a Divi web design for your next web project. 

Similar to a Drupal web design, Divi web design prides itself on flexibility and customization. Users of the system have control over all aspects of design, including web page dividers, borders, filters, animations, and more.

Divi offers users customization tools that can take their websites to the next level. Along with customization, a Divi web design theme is accessible, easy to navigate, and portable.

Users can easily export pages, move designs to other pages, and import other web elements using Divi. The endless layouts and templates provided make it possible for each site page to have a different look of creativity.

Divi is also more efficient and intuitive than other similar themes. Users of Divi web design can edit with ease using bulk editing features, shortcuts, and copy and paste styles. 

Businesses that want control of all site design aspects should consider using Divi web design. 

Businesses Should Invest in Divi Web Design for Future Web Projects

Divi web design is an excellent option for businesses looking to customize their WordPress site without the need for expert coding expertise. 

The theme offers a true visual editing experience for users, allowing them to create customized designs in real-time with intuitive tools. 

As one of the most popular WordPress themes, Divi web design provides a dynamic experience for users and site creators alike. 


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